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Who we are?

Jobs-Scholarships is an international employment service, available as a website and other social media platforms. We help people worldwide find work and scholarships to study for free and plan their careers, and we make it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the world.

Our hard-working, dedicated staff is adding and updating scholarships and jobs in our database daily. We respond to feedback quickly and are constantly morphing into the next, better iteration of ourselves. We keep viable scholarships and jobs updated and discard any that appear to be inactive.  Most are annual and not all are on the same schedule. We adapt and adjust so you won’t have to.

What we do?

Today, Jobs-Scholarships remain the leading source of jobs and labor market information in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and more.

What’s new?

Jobs-Scholarships keep improving. We’re always learning from our users and researching new and better ways to help.